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Human Resource Information System (HRIS) platform from GITS.ID is designed to optimze and make easy the management of resource in organization. Our HRIS platform provides features to support overall employee lifecycle, from recruitment, growth, until resignation.


HRIS elevated and for best decision

  • Routine is Automated

    HR process that is routine can be automated. Such as payroll, leave management, and attendance tracking. It will reduce administrative load and save time.

  • Data is Integrated

    Employess data will be saved, safe and organized in one platform. Make it easy to be accessed by related parties and updated real-time.

  • Suggest Better Decision

    Analytics and comprehensive report to help on take better decision based on accurate employee data.


Recruitment, payroll, performance, all is automated, integrated, and smart by AI

  • Applicant Tracking System

    Make candidate tracking is easy, from start to the end of recruitment process, including interview scheduling and communication.

  • Recruitment Analytics

    Analytics tools that help to analyze recruitment data to identify trend, process efficiency, and the quality of the candidate.

  • Career Portal

    Company can post job vacancies and candidates can enroll by online, to make the recruitment process easier.

  • Automate Payroll

    System that count employees' salary automatically based on attendance data, overtime, and other components. Ensure accuracy and efficiency.

  • Regulacy Compliance

    Ensure that payroll process complies to government rules, including tax and insurance.

  • Integrated Report

    Provide complete payroll report and can be integrated with other system in company.

  • Performance Scoring

    Give structured feedback and periodically for employees, help them to understand more their strengths and areas to grow.

  • Development Program

    Tools to manage development program for employees, according to company and themselves.

  • Work Monitoring

    Track and analyze employees' work periodically to ensure target and company's objective are achieved.


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