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  • PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT [PD] – Remote – Currently Not Hiring

PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT [PD] – Remote – Currently Not Hiring

Responsibilities :
  • Responsible for managing and developing human resources.
  • Assist in selecting prospective employees.
  • Define and execute assessment methods for all employees
  • Assist in evaluating and analyzing the performance of all employees.
  • Design a Training Need Analysis (TNA)
  • Conduct counseling for employees in need.
  • Assist in designing organizational culture at PT GITS Indonesia.
  • Collaborating with HR consultants related to employee development at PT. GITS Indonesia.
  • Assisting the process of sharing knowledge, especially between fellow employees or Human Capital at PT. GITS Indonesia.
  • Run the OKR that has been set by the company.
Requirements :
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
  • Minimum 2 years experienced in people development.
  • Good level of experience in assesment.
  • Have alternative assessment methods
  • Highly aware of employee needs.
  • High interests in human resources, especially in people development.
  • Ability relationship-building with employees to improve employee wellbeing while upholding company values.
  • Ability to present and communicate effectively.
  • High analytical thinking, planning, organizing, and creativity.

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