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We provide tailored mobile solution for android and iOS, website and application based on needs

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We Do Agile Management

Turn Idea or Story into Awesome Application

We use agile framework and deliver features phase by phase. And also we used Design Sprints to know what you need, and Scrum to create what you want. Design sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems in 2-5 days. It’s a technique to quickly solve product design problems and test the viability of a solution.


From Start up to Multinational Company

We have worked with various types of clients, from start-up enterprise until multinational company. We help them to provide the best mobile and web software or applications that suit their needs to support their business. Their trust helps us grow bigger from time to time.

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We are Certified Agency from Google

We are proud to announce that GITS Indonesia is one of Google Certified Agencies. Our objectives are to develop apps for good, to empower people, to increase productivity, and to ease your daily life. We have knowledgeable people work with us to design, create, and develop your ideas into something that matched your needs. We have expertise in Android TV, Assistant, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Machine Learning/AI, PWA/AMP. Our team practice agile methodologies while developing the project or products to make them more dynamic and development time more efficient.

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