Slide danone sarihusada mobile application enutri aplikasi

“GITS.ID is our top of mind because the apps we build together are success and increase our work efficiency.”
- Devi Christiana, Innovation & Performance Marketing Finance Manager, Danone


“GITS.ID helps Toyota reach one of our goal through going digital. The users now are also 98% from the target.”
- Yoga Pramudita, Section Head, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

toyota motor manufacturing indonesia mobile application

“We like the discussion with GITS.ID and eager to develop more features in the application.”
- Ricky Jefta, Head of Sport Science Pocari Sweat, Amerta Indah Otsuka

logo portfolio pocari sweat amerta indah otsuka aio born to sweat bts

“Kereta Api Indonesia would like to recommend GITS.ID to our colleagues.”
- Lysana Tustalila, Business Analyst, Kereta Api Indonesia

Slide danone sarihusada mobile application enutri aplikasi

“We, Danone, trust GITS.ID since we have already collaborated in many applications.”
- Fitria Astari, HN Channel Manager Midwives, Danone


“GITS.ID is very helpful, easy to reach, fast response, and give creative ideas for our project. We are happy to continue our partnership.”
- Dody and Reza, Project Manager, Jasa Raharja

jasa raharja mobile application aplikasi

BKKBN & John Snow Inc. – Stokku Mobile App and MIM Tool Web

John Snow, Inc. and BKKBN birth control kit distribution gets better with Stokku and MIM Tool! Problem

Otoklix Car Reparation Booking

Car reparation booking gets easier using mobile application from Otoklix! Problem Otoklix wished to revamp...

Viva Apotek Web Shop and Mobile Application

Products and services digitalization to help more people gain easier access to Viva Apotek in many regions in Indonesia.

Muslimlife Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

Helps on Learn Al-Quran Quickly and Makes It Easier to Do Good Deeds. Bisa tahu arah kiblat dan... Mobile Application (Android, iOS) is targeting minor groups to help them finding job. Problem

Gogobli Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

Based on to spread medicines easier to drugstores around Indonesia. Problem

Pocari Sweat – Amerta Indah Otsuka Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

The application is used by 100,000 people at the same time. We like the discussion with GITS Indonesia...

Danone Sarihusada Mobile Application (Android)

Part of Top 5 International Companies in Indonesia. We, Danone, trust GITS Indonesia since we have already collaborated...

Jasa Raharja Mobile Application (Android, Web)

The application is used by people across Indonesia. GITS Indonesia is very helpful, easy to reach, fast response,... Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

1st Online Travel Agent in Indonesia. Problem wants to offer users a hassle-free...

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