We provide you solutions to make your day to day works even more efficient and make your company business even better.

Our services are:

custom android mobile application apps app development

Custom Android Mobile Application Development

We build Android apps from client’s vision and we have been doing it since 2008. Now, we are an agency that is certified by Google for Android (which is in Indonesia, there are only two Google Certified Agencies).

custom ios mobile application apps app development

Custom iOS Mobile Application Development

As well as Android, there are a lot of users who use mobile phone with iOS as operation system. We have built mobile apps for iOS in various usability, like e-commerce; management at enterprise; e-learning; and many others.

custom website application apps app development

Custom Website Development

Besides mobile apps, we also provide service on build website. It could be as e-commerce, dashboard for enterprise, and many others.

solution mobile website development indonesia

Discovery & Co-creation (DCC)

GITS Discovery & Co-Creation (DCC) is a service to help us and our client to discover and validate assumptions. So, we can decide better on what and how the whole application, software, or website, will be developed.

penyedia jasa cloud indonesia google partner

Google Cloud Digital Transformation

As Google Cloud Partner, we can help on making your business operational even better. We are partnering with Google on Google for Education, Chrome, G Suite, and Google Cloud Platform. Let us in your journey and giving service of digital transformation with Google Cloud.

penyedia jasa cloud indonesia google partner

Google Workspace Product (Previously: G Suite)

Elevate the way your team collaborate in creation and have the most for their works, by using Google Workspace product, which we can help you to get on it.

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