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Maintenance support is a crucial aspect for a system or product. Through this managed service, technical problems that users face will be solved easily and quickly by our Maintenance team. Security will also be maintained to prevent new issues. On the other side, bug fixing and improvement to the system also will be delivered to keep elevating the business. Continuous monitoring will improve users satisfaction, early detection to problem, and reduce downtime.

Maintenance Support Type

  • Free Maintenance
    Free Maintenance is a maintenance project that originates directly from GITS.ID internally. In this context, we offer maintenance and technical support without charging additional fees after purchase or after the development period is complete. This type has a 3 month service contract, starting after the development period is complete.
  • Paid Maintenance
    Paid Maintenance is a maintenance project that can come from internal GITS.ID or external. In this context, we request regular payments or according to contractual agreements to provide various types of technical support, updates, bug fixes, and other maintenance. This type has a 1 year contract and can be extended according to the client’s needs.
  • Change Request
  • Change Request is a project that can come from internal GITS.ID or external. In this context, Change Request Maintenance involves handling and implementing changes or additions requested by the client. This type requires further discussion with the PIC. This is because there are changes or additional features to the application, so it requires a lot of consideration. This consideration process involves identifying needs, evaluating impacts, and costs incurred.

Managed Service Continuous Care

Managed Service Continuous Care is giving you continuous care. This service will maintain and support your system, application, and information technology infrastructure continuously.

Our service is called GITS Continuous Care. Here are the features:

  • GITS 365; which can automate the creation of tickets from reports sent by customers every day throughout the year, non-stop so that reports can be recorded and corrected.
  • GITS Claire; Client Clear Report, aims to provide work progress reports to clients, both work in progress and reports in the form of conclusions.
  • GITS CoDoc; Code Documentation, creating basic documentation for application usability and technical requirements such as APIs for an application with a centralized documentation system.
  • GITSPI; Performance Insight, helps identify performance bottlenecks that occur in existing applications; This service includes APM installation, reporting, and alerting.
  • GITSGUD; Guard Uttermost Data, is based on information obtained through APM services, documentation and testing. The focus of this service is on identifying, providing recommendations and improvements that can improve application performance to customer satisfaction and even make old systems last longer without leaving gaps.


“The SLA from GITS.ID Maintenance team is so fast. Really recommend their Maintenance Managed Service for other companies.”

– Digital Development Department at Insurance Company


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