Danone Sarihusada Mobile Application (Android)

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We, Danone, trust GITS Indonesia since we have already collaborated in many applications.

Fitria Astari, HN Channel Manager – Midwives, Danone Sarihusada


Before eNutri existed, midwives did not have a platform where they can interact with each other easily, have a question and answer session with doctor, or get knowledge material. The other activities were not simple and fast, as well.


Dashoard Mobile Presensi KAI
Dashboard Mobile e-Nutri

GITS Indonesia with Sarihusada (part of Danone) built many features in a mobile application named eNutri. It enables midwives to share with each other, consult with a doctor, learn by quality educational service, and more. Further talk about it can be read at our Insight page at gits.id/insight.


In eNutri, the user numbers are far exceeded the target. There were also many sharing and interactions through eNutri between midwives each day. And, many questions from midwives and answers by doctors. Through eNutri, Sarihusada also gets closer with their consumers.

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