Jasa Raharja
Mobile Application (Android, Web)

JRku is an application for people across Indonesia to help them pay vehicle tuition and get insurance. This app makes everything easier and faster.

Jasa Raharja


Before there is JRku, Jasa Raharja ran the process with Indonesians by manual or offline. This required people to come to Jasa Raharja's branches office which cost some amount of money for Jasa Raharja's operational as well. At that time, the company also wants every data is centralized, so it will make all people experience easy process.


GITS Indonesia built many features in JRku in order to help public people and Jasa Raharja team. We have features like for getting compensation, paying insurance along with its reminder, safely trip checker, and else. Further talk about it can be read at our Insight page at gits.id/insight


At JRku mobile application, there is an escalation in number of people who pay their obligatory tuition. Jasa Raharja is also getting more excited to develop more for JRku.