Podcast about Engineering, Technical, Product, Culture in IT Consultant company. Also with jokes that uniquely from IT people. Talked by GITS People from #gitspods #SeninIT #RabuCulture #JumatProduct

Our Episodes

Through podcasts, we can talk about many things. Sharing insights on various topics. At GITS Pods, some GITS People gather and talk about certain topic at certain time. They are mostly from IT team (our Chief of Technology Officer, Engineering Managers, Tribe Lead, Product Owner) and also not so-from-IT-team such as our HR executives.

GITS Pods has several programs, to give you, the listeners and watchers different point of views.

#SeninIT where we talk about technical (DORA Metrics, other stuffs, even hands-on to the cloud platform).

#RabuCulture where we talk about GITS culture (SIMPLE values), GITS people, startup team habits, and more.

#JumatProduct where we talk about anything on product managemet! Tips on MVP, hits product, and so on.

Listen to the published episodes here!

Senin IT 1: Set Up Campaign Automation Langsung di Google Cloud Platform
Senin IT 1: Set Up Campaign Automation ...
Hai dari GITS Pods! Di episode pertama #SeninIT, kita kedatangan CTO dan para EM! Membahas arsitektur dan ...
February 15, 2023
Jumat Product 1: Kenapa ChatGPT Bisa Hyped? Dan Seputar Product Development di Startup
Jumat Product 1: Kenapa ChatGPT Bisa Hy...
Selamat datang di GITS Pods! Di episode pertama dari #JumatProduct, kita ngobrol-ngobrol dengan CTO, EM, d...
February 10, 2023