Mobile Application (Android, iOS) is one of the mobile apps on Android and iOS that we have made. An easy to use job portal where high school graduates can meet their future job and company.


Gawe company already has their job portal at their website, which is Their target is people who has graduated from high school (SMA/SMK). Their segment is blue collar (worker on field). Gawe has role to connect companies that are searching for talents with the job seekers. The Gawe’s target means that Gawe needs to approach them in another way, other than website, since their targets are more convenient with smartphones rather than personal computers.


We made the solution on both operation system that are widely used nowadays, which are Android and iOS. The design of this application is sticking to the design core of its website, but we also give thoughts and improvements on its user interface and user experience to meet what their target needs. So it will be easy to use and engage them.


GAWE ID as a mobile application gets more user. In three months from its soft launch, the downloaders in Play Store (Android operation system) only are over a thousand.