Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

Gogobli Outlet Apps is a B2B e-commerce on Android and iOS. It enables drugstores from wide area of Indonesia to buy medicines from Gogobli’s warehouse with cheaper price.



Gogobli company finds that being in B2B e-commerce industry for medicine is a good business. So, Gogobli needs to have a mobile application that has role as e-commerce place and can be used widely by people on Indonesia. This application has to be able to integrate with Gogobli’s dashboard, where the products at the warehouses are maintained and can be distributed to the drugstores; herb stores; and cosmetic stores, according to the orders.


Gogobli app is built like other e-commerces, but get on point on the promo and the brands first. That is because this application connects people who own drugstores, herb stores, or cosmetic stores, to hundreds of principal leading brands in Indonesia. To make it exclusive, Gogobli app can only be used by people who get their accounts through customer service of Gogobli. This activation can only be done if the person already has the registration code. This code is from Gogobli’s team who visited and toured around Indonesia.


Through the wide use of this application, Gogobli company gets more consumer from this business-to-business relationship. It is because the UX is easy, it is also good in functionality which make the user can get their medicine-to-sell-again (or other else) in easy way.