Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

Tiket.com is the first and the most comprehensive online travel agent in Indonesia. It provides an easy way for user to book flights, hotels, trains, concerts, and events. It also has safe payment on transaction and a reward system.



Tiket.com wants to offer users a hassle-free experience on booking tickets through their mobile phones. Tiket.com should be able to provide user great deals on flight tickets. Users can also search for hotel at certain places and see the facilities and services. It also needs to be able to be accessed by the user whenever and wherever they are. Ticket.com offers various tickets, from flight and train, to concert; event; and attraction, and also hotel stays.


Tiket.com mobile application comes with an intuitive dashboard that shows easily what the users are searching for. The system for booking and transaction process is fast. There is also a reschedule program that is built to make user more on ease. For the payment, we ensure the most secure and fastest payment methods that can be chosen by users. As for loyalty, we make a point reward system for users.


With mobile application, Tiket.com gets closer to its user since it became more handy.