Risk Management Information System Platform

Mitigate risk in your company, smarter and safer powered by AI


Streamlined Risk Management: Identify, Evaluate, and Mitigate Risks

Risk Management Information System (RMIS) platform by GITS.ID is a system designed to help your organizations identify, evaluate and manage risks that can affect the achievement of their goals.

This RMIS integrates various tools and technologies to effectively monitor and mitigate risk, enabling organizations to make better decisions and keep the operations running smoothly.

The system functions in several main stages: risk identification, risk evaluation, and development of mitigation strategies to reduce or control the impact of these risks.


Understand risks, anticipate, and respond effectively

  • Make Better Strategy

    Our RMIS provides smart risk management. Organizational leaders can anticipate changes, and respond more effectively, which in turn increases the company's competitiveness​

  • Better Risk Prediction

    AI enables in-depth data analysis and more accurate risk predictions. Our technology helps in real-time monitoring and optimization, enabling your company to respond quickly to changing conditions and reduce the negative impact of emerging risks

  • Operate Better Internal

    Improves operational quality, avoiding delays and over budget, as well as helping to maintain and supports operational sustainability and achievement of the company's business goals.


Content, interaction, performance, all for high achiever team

  • Identify Risks

    This feature allows organizations to recognize potential risks that may impact the achievement of their goals. This includes identifying operational, financial, strategic and compliance risks.

  • Risk Evaluation & Analysis

    To assess the impact and probability of risks. This evaluation helps in understanding how serious and likely the risk is to occur, as well as providing insight into risk management priorities​.

  • Mitigation Strategy Implementation

    Supports designing and implementing strategies to manage or reduce the impact of risks. This includes risk mitigation and control measures​.

  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring

    With the integration of technologies such as sensors and IoT, it enables real-time risk monitoring. This ensures your company can respond quickly to changing conditions or the emergence of new risks​.

  • Risk Reporting & Documentation

    To create comprehensive risk reports and document all risk management activities. This facilitates regulatory compliance and risk audits​.

  • Data Analysis & Risk Prediction with AI

    This feature uses artificial intelligence to analyze big data and make future risk predictions. This helps in identifying risk trends that may not be visible through conventional analysis.

  • Early Warning System

    Can send automated notifications when risk indicators emerge, allowing organizations to take preventive action before risks escalate into larger problems.

  • Simulation & Scenario Testing

    Enable your company to measure the potential impact of a particular risk and plan an effective response​.


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