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What is GITS Class and Can You Join This?

GITS Class is a public event that GITS Indonesia held periodically. Usually, we have two “classes” every month. Most of the time, it runs on Friday afternoon for about 2–3 hours. Those courses are opened for everyone; students, people from company, and else; literally everyone. And, the even better thing of it that it is

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Git — Purging your History?

You happened to commit the wrong files, a large binary files I guess? Okay, be cool. Don’t be panic now. You can rewrite your history, but you mustn’t push your current local repo. It has happened to me, when I try to add Git LFS and accidentally git add . There’s a large binary files

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Why Agile and How to be Good at It As UX Designer

Having worked on various agile projects for clients in different industries from Commerce, Internal Corporate system, to Fintech and Dropship industry, I’m writing this article to share what I learned from these agile projects as a UX designer. Why Agile? When people talk about agile, they all have their own opinions about it. However, not

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The Problem with Adapting Agile Methodology

According to Cambridge dictionary, “agile”, in physical terms means “able to move your body quickly and easily”, in mental terms it means “able to think and understand quickly”, and in management terms “used for describing ways of planning and doing work in which it is understood that making changes as they are needed is an

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Save More Time in Making an Android Apps

As an Android Developer in software consultant, time is the most important thing. We are always chased by “deadlines” that are impossible for everyone. But as we know there is a saying “Many roads lead to Rome”, something that seems impossible, we can solve it. The essence of the speed at which the application is

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Soal Rating Satu Tempo dan Apa yang Bisa Kita Lakukan Bila Itu Terjadi pada Aplikasi Kita

Pada akhir September lalu, netizen dibuat geger karena aplikasi koran Tempo di Play Store dan App Store merosot jauh perolehan bintangnya, hingga satu bintang. Aplikasi ini mendapatkan begitu banyak bintang 1, yakni sekitar 90% dari keseluruhan bintang. Hal ini didapatkan Tempo setelah menerbitkan majalah dengan sampul ilustrasi presiden Jokowi dan bayangan sosok mirip Pinokio. Majalah

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