GITS Expert Talks: Guide to Building a Learning Organization

guide to buiding a learning organization digital transformation

In 1995, Peter Senge coined the term of a Learning Organization. He defines it as a company that facilitates learning of its employees and continuously transforms itself. It is a key for company to adapt to a far more complex market situation

Fast-forwards to now. In times of digital transformation that happen in most companies, a Learning Organization can also be the difference that stands out from other companies. It is important that Company Leadership needs to work on “organizational learning”, so employees as a whole can quickly adapt and thrive with new situations. Like in this COVID-19 for example.

On this webinar GITS Expert Talks with

Slamet Hendry

IT Director in Global FMCG Company,

we will share some interesting insights on:

  • Determine if your company is a Learning Organization?
  • Understand the building blocks of a learning organization
  • Guides to be a Learning Organization

This webinar is suitable for:

  • Business Leader and owner
  • IT Professional 
  • IT & Management Students

Wednesday, 30 September 2020, from 07.30 PM.

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