GITS Tech Talks: Develop and Deploy Highly Scalable Containerized Applications on Google Cloud Run

deploy containerized applications on google cloud run

Google Cloud Run is a managed compute platform which automatically scales your stateless containers. Cloud Run is a serverless service, meaning that you only need to think about your code; you write it, you test it and deploy it by using Cloud Run.

Join us for GITS Tech Talks “Develop and Deploy Highly Scalable Containerized Applications on Google Cloud Run” with Muhammad Fitranatanegara and Didiet A Pambudiono, DevOps Engineer at

Date and Time: Friday, 24 December 2021 at 07.30 PM.

What will you learn in this session:

  • Background of PaaS (Platform as a Service) 
  • Cloud Run fundamentals
  • Variables in Cloud Run and how to set up the environment
  • How to integrate Cloud Run with other services such as VPC, Deployment Manager, CICD, Cloud SQL, and VSCODE

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