Event GITS Tech Talks: Best Practice for Migrating from On-Premise to Google Cloud

GITS Tech Talks: Best Practice for Migrating from On-Premise to Google Cloud

Are you missing an essential aspect of digital transformation? Organization often spend millions for IT infrastructure to keep confidentiality and data security and on the other side, business have to growth.

Today, organization’s digital assets, resources and services or applications are deployed in the cloud, where the migrated assets cannot be accessed beyond the cloud’s firewall in order to be secure and effective to achieve the perfect balance between cost security, performance and efficiency.

Join us for our GITS Tech Talks “Best Practice for Migrating from On-Premise to Google Cloud” with Didiet A. Pambudiono, DevOps Engineer at GITS.ID and Sudaryatno, CTO at GITS.ID. 

Friday, 23rd July 2021

What will you learn in this session:

  • Cloud Migration Strategies 
  • Advantages of Google Cloud Platform
  • Real World Use Case on Google Cloud Platform 
  • Migration Process from On-Premise to Google Cloud

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    About GITS.ID

    GITS.ID provides IT solution for your company. Our clients are various, such as Danone. Some of our applications can be seen at gits.id/insight .


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