Event GITS Tech Talks: Transform Your Business and Growth with Google Cloud Platform

GITS Tech Talks: Transform Your Business and Growth with Google Cloud Platform

In the uncertain situation, business leaders are under pressure to prioritize investments and optimize costs to support changing business goals in the short and long term

Cloud technology has become one significant pillar of digital transformation. It changes the way we could maintain our data and build-up the scale of the businesses. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud-based solution to support the growth of cloud technology.

Hear from Ibnu Sina Wardy, Chairman at GITS.ID and Certified Google Professional Cloud Architect, in GITS Tech Talks, about the benefits of moving to GCP, and how it can help you to gain a competitive advantage. As well as advice on next steps in GCP, if your company has started its journey into the cloud, and is unsure on what to do next.

It is essential to be empowered with facts, knowledge, and best practices so you can prioritize your investments and optimize your costs.

Join us on Tuesday, 30 March 2021 at 07.30 PM.

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    About GITS.ID

    GITS.ID provides IT solution for your company. Our clients are various, such as Danone. Some of our applications can be seen at gits.id/insight .


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