Event GITS Expert Talk: Build Data Driven Culture in Health Industries (with Expert...

GITS Expert Talk: Build Data Driven Culture in Health Industries (with Expert from Yellowfin Business Intelligence)

Most of health industries have many data in their organizations. Combine with IT system and business intelligence tools, it will make strategy planning and everyday decision-making is more powerful. The aim is to build a data-driven culture by providing executives with the tools and information they need to validate and fine tune their decisions. And at the same time, increase responsiveness to member needs.

GITS Expert Talk comes again with another exclusive yet free webinar with the experts. Now, the speakers are from notable business intelligence for corporate, which is Yelowfin.

Who are the experts?

  • Tanty Annissa, Business Development Manager – Yellowfin Indonesia
  • Bey Arief Budiman, Head of Delivery – Yellowfin Indonesia.

Who can join this online meetup?

Data Enthusiast, Professional, Students, and Public.

When it will be held?

Friday, May 15th 2020, from 8 PM WIB.


Register yourself now here!

*Please check your email afterwards to get the link to this webinar.



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