Business How Brands Can Win Ramadan During COVID-19 with Digital Marketing in Indonesia

How Brands Can Win Ramadan During COVID-19 with Digital Marketing in Indonesia

Google Indonesia released data of insight of people’s behaviors in Ramadan 2019. Also, how to use that insight to win Ramadan 2020. Ramadan is where Indonesians are not only doing good deeds more, but also make time to gather together. This season make growth of their consumption in higher percentage than their usual daily spent. In 2019, the growth of people’s consumption was 13%. This festive was also take part of 30% sales in retail industry of the entire year.


How is Consumer’s Behavior During Ramadan

People’s behaviors in what they search on internet are having differentiation with the usual other daily. In Ramadan, there are behaviors that different from other seasons and it can be grouped into four categories.

Category Spiritual in Consumer’s Behavior During Ramadan

People’s activities in this holy month have grown in their spiritual things. Brands should put these searches in mind when make content. There are searches that growth:

  • “Doa” by 2.1x
  • ”Donasi” by 2.2x
  • “Zakat” by 15x.

Category Convenience in Consumer’s Behavior During Ramadan

During Ramadan, people do fasting and basically have lower energy. They want something simple and efficient. So, brand should put those two in mind in theirs message. These are the group of what they searches with the growth:

  • Beauty (“simple, mudah, tutorial”): 1.5x
  • Cooking (“simple, sederhana, praktis”): 3x
  • Experience (“terdekat”): 1.7x.

Category Entertainment in Consumer’s Behavior During Ramadan

Besides doing their spiritual activities and daily things, people also have time and tend to seek entertainment online. Brand needs to combine what they are making through these things. These are the searches and its growth:

  • Internet package: 1.8x
  • Gaming voucher: 3.2x.

Cateogory Purchase Intent in Consumer’s Behavior During Ramadan

In Ramadan, people have more purchasing intention and it appears through their coversations in public social medias.

  • Total conversations with words about shopping and that are related to Ramadan (with words “Ramadan”, “lebaran”, “puasa”, “sahur”, “ngabuburit”, “bukber”, “zakat”, “belanja”): 408.559
  • The increase in conversation in “belanja”: 72%.


What to Remember in Doing Digital Marketing in Advertisement Campaign in Ramadan

Google gave us three elements to keep in mind when we make campaign during Ramadan. The first one is context, then craft, and then campaign.

Element for Build Campaign in Ramadan: Context

Marketer should have in mind about what context should the advertisement relate to. Content should reflect that people are more in spiritual minds during Ramadan and in sense of community. From the most views videos in organic, here are the highest five themes:

  • Togetherness: 22%
  • Blessings: 17%
  • Self-improvement: 12%
  • Breaking fast: 10%
  • Compassion: 9%.

Element for Build Campaign in Ramadan: Craft

Marketer should prepare what to consider when crafting the video advertisement. It is because in Ramadan, people have lower energy and tend to be busier, so their attention span is getting shorter. In both visual and audio, there are some things that should be put in mind to optimize the production of advertisement.

In visual, successful storytelling depends on how the right context delivers with stand out visuals. Use dominant colors that connects with the own brand colors, put the brand’s identity visually in the advertisement through logo; icon; or else, choose relatable characters that can be families or friends instead of celebrities persona.

People wants authenticity and more personal and direct advertisement that we can deliver through audio. We can use original Ramadan music, put messages also through voice overs, and make the characters in advertisement address the audience directly.

Element for Build Campaign in Ramadan: Campaign

Marketer should know how to optimize the reach through campaign. To be great, brand should walk alongside in people’s journey. Brand can prepare two types of video advertisements. First is giving inspiration mindset which is in long form. It runs before and along Ramadan. It will give ad recall, awareness, and favoribility. Second is giving celebration mindset and runs in Eid al-Fitr day. It is in short form and will take part in consideration and purchase intent.


Those are the data and further recommendations from Google for brand on how to win Ramadan during this time and with digital marketing. More about it is in thinkwithgoogle.


GITS Indonesia has developed some mobile applications and websites for other companies. Many of those companies have their marketing team to spread the words about the product. One of them is Sarihusada (part of Danone) on eNutri that leads the app used by many midwives across Indonesia. To know more about eNutri, you can access it here.



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