As an iOS developer, our apps sometimes got rejected from Apple Store. We need to get used to this kind of situation when we are going to release our apps into Apple Store. But don’t worry, because it happens to not only you! Other iOS developers out there sometimes struggle too when it’s happening.

Here a few tips to prevent the rejection:

  • You need to check this guideline In this guideline, there are five points that we need to pay attention before we submit our application.
  • Make sure our internal tester has done some full cycles testing before the apps being submitted. Because according to Apple, almost 80% common rejection issues are such as crash, bugs, UX problem, and lack of performance of the application.
  • Pay attention on Privacy because Apple has a very strict privacy policy requirement, such as privacy policy in our metadata.
  • Prevent a copycat. Think twice while you remodeling your mobile. You must create a content of your app in different way.
  • Don’t use placeholder content when you put your App Previews and Screenshots, make sure you use live content of your apps. Don’t put Screen Preview of a placeholder content.

Example of Unaccepted Screenshot

Example of Accepted Screenshot

  • Provide all information that help Apple Reviewer. You need to fill all description, specification, and other detail about your app, including user testing if your apps required login/authorize.

App Review Information from Itunes Connect
  • Even if your apps being rejected, don’t be panic. Just follow instruction from Apple Reviewer, and if there is any explanation needed, you just need to answer it.

Example Rejection Information from Itunes Connect

That’s a few tips that I can share based on my experience. Good luck and thank you.

Tri Rejeki is an iOS Developer and iOS Technical Leader at GITS Indonesia who has known as the mother for iOS team member at GITS. She has almost 10 years experience in the IT field on various roles such as Java Programmer and Android Developer.