Understand your customer is also have meaning that you know about them in any way that it is connected with your product. Understand your customer will help you run your business better. You will know your target better and by doing this, you can prepare best product, best marketing way, and others, to compel your target. And by this, you can get higher sales and more loyal customers.

Why Exactly Understanding Your Customer is Important?

If we break it down by details, why understanding your customer is an important thing? Because this act will give benefits such as:

  • You will know what price you should give to your product. Understand your customer means you know them well so you know how much they are willing to use their money for your product.
  • You can build relation with your customer. Relationship with them is important since they can keep interact with you or get more and more information from you, so they can purchase more and be your loyal customer.
  • With those mentioned above, it is high possibility that your sales will be increased.
  • When you understand your customer, you can avoid costs on having not-fit product or wrong marketing strategy. Therefore, understand your customer can decrease costs.

Well, Then, How to Understand Them?

So, now we know that understand customer is important. Then, how to understand them? Here are the ways.

Profile Your Customer

Customer profiling means we gather all details or information of the customer. These details could seems like too trivial, but they are important. It could be about their age, location where they live, what their hobbies are, what language they use, how they interact with their friends, when is their free time, how about their spending habits, do they have budget, and so on.

Analyze Customer Interaction with Your Business

If it is possible, you should analyze your customer interaction with your website or mobile application. This means to know your customer touch points, how they navigate, how long the time they take to read or see the page thoroughly, how long they are in your website or application. If this customer experience can be tracked, you can have the important data to be measured for further use. This will give you different insights from customer opinion.

Conduct Market Research

To identify trend, pattern, or customer likeness, you can do market research. There are several ways on doing this, such as run survey; conduct research on focus group; and see what people talk on media.

Use Your Existing Customer Information

You might already have customer information stored. Maybe about sales trends, previous survey, and customer database. You can use this information for further use or analyze it more.

So, those are how to understand your customer. Keep eyes on them and keep them close, so they will stick with you and make the sales.

If by understanding them then you know that you can reach them with a mobile application or website, GITS Indonesia will be gladly to make it real with you. To know more, you can ask via connect@gits.co.id.


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