Developer Stories What is GITS Class? A Developer Workshop and Can You Join This?

What is GITS Class? A Developer Workshop and Can You Join This?

GITS Class is a public event that GITS Indonesia held periodically. More or less, it is a developer workshop. Usually, we have two “classes” every month. Most of the time, it runs on Friday afternoon for about 2–3 hours. Those courses are opened for everyone; students, people from company, and else; literally everyone. And, the even better thing of it that it is totally free. No need to make purchase on anything. People who are interested to come are just needed to roll themselves in through the registration link that we provided.

developer workshop speaker at gits class
One of Our Speaker at One of the GITS Class

GITS Class speakers are developers, designers, and other divisions as well from GITS Indonesia. These variation of speakers make the themes of GITS Class are in wide range. The topics itself are really various since each speaker can have interest on different things. It can be about front-end and back-end newest technology, tutorial on making mobile application, design thing, quality assurance, and more.

With those different topics, the way on giving it to audience can be different too. That is why sometimes the form of GITS Class is seminar and at the other time it is workshop. On seminar type, people who come get knowledge and insight of the topic that the speaker give. While on workshop type, people are encouraged to bring their laptop and try to do what the speaker do, directly on the spot.

Attendees at Developer Workshop GITS Class

Attendees at One of the GITS Class

Our previous “classes” got many attendees. They were from schools, campuses, other companies, and also government. Mostly they were from Bandung, but there were also some who were from Jabodetabek and wider West Java. We usually received around 100 registrations for each event. So far, we had been presented topic on Android and iOS components, things around Vue.js, Docker, Flutter, and more. Feedbacks said the seminars and workshops gave them knowledge and they also thought the speakers were good.

We are happy to periodically hold GITS Class. At one side, this can make our team level up even more since their knowledge can go deeper while sharing it and they can sharpen their teaching and communication skills as well. And at another side, GITS Class can boost more enthusiasm on technical practitioners who come. There will be future classes, yes. And we hope you will be there too.

Wait for the next GITS Class at


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