Unlocking Business Acceleration in a Hybrid Cloud World (McKinsey Report)

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    This research from McKinsey is to gain a better understanding of the challenges companies face in modernizing their IT infrastructure. McKinsey conducted in-depth interviews with the tech leaders (which are chief information and technology officers), at 52 enterprises. Those are across 17 industries with global operations.

    For this research, 78 percent of respondents work at companies with at least 5,000 employees and 44 percent work at organizations with annual revenues in excess of $10 billion.

    With this research, McKinsey & Company delves into the practices of leaders versus what key in “unlocks” that can help your companies move to higher levels of business agility as you pursue increased cloud adoption.

    You can access the report from McKinsey on their survey of CEO and CIO about modernizing IT infrastructure. Fill the form below to download it.

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