Increasing Budget and Financial Management for Mineral Water Company in Indonesia

Finance in a company is something that must be regulated, supervised, and monitored properly so that data errors do not occur.

Not only the company’s finances as a whole, but also the finances of each division also need to be managed properly.

The large number of divisions or departments in a large company can result in difficulties in monitoring finances if the data is not stored in the same system.

Mofin as a data collection system for financial and budget planning provides a storage solution to centralized financial tracking so that no financial data is spread across various systems in the company.

Apart from making it easier to monitor financial data and budgeting, this application can also be used to make budget proposals and make company purchase orders easily and quickly.

Each division or department can make the proposal right away in Mofin and immediately assign it to the desired person to be reviewed. The same goes for the purchase order. The person responsible for making the purchase can create it from Mofin then directly send it to the designated person or company.

With Mofin, the finance department can track and receive reports of the budget spent from each department with no hassle since all the proposals and reports are all stored in one system only.

Check out our client’s success story in managing their financial with Mofin by downloading the file below:


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