Sales and Marketing Budgeting Management on Consumer Goods

Track Budgeting Flow Perusahaan Anda dengan Budgeting System

About the Client

Client Industry: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Project Year: 2021

Project Location: Indonesia

GITS.ID Service Used for This Project: Website & Dashboard Development

This client is a pioneer of bottled drinking water in Indonesia. They produce drinking water and non-carbonated soft drinks that are healthy and scientifically justifiable. They have several brands under their auspices to fulfill different needs of people regarding their daily water drinking.

They have received various prestigious awards for their contribution in inspiring Indonesian people about healthy hydration.

Problems That Arise and Needed to be Solved

They need a budgeting management platform that can facilitate all of their budgeting planning and approval quickly and accurately. Previously, the client only used excel without the help of any budgeting system, so it took quite a long time for budgeting planning and management.

How Did We Helped

We develop a budgeting management system to help the client manage their finances.

Because the users of this application are internal to the client, when an internal order is issued, the budgeting planning process takes place through the system. Subsequent processes that follow after making a budget proposal such as proposal review, approval, purchase order process, tracking and monitoring, all take place in only one system.

The Budgeting Management Platform Progress

Currently, the system (website and dashboard) is still used by the client and it still functions well in corporate budgeting management.

Impacts Received by the Client

Several impacts were felt by the client after the implementation of this system in their budgeting management process.

The time needed for the expenditure approval process is faster after previously taking 3-4 weeks, now it only takes less than 1 week. This can happen because before using this website and dashboard, expenditure approval was generated by a printed Excel file which was then sent via email as a reminder. Not only during the budgeting process, but the reduction in processing time required also occurs in real time budgeting reports.

The complicated budgeting process was also successfully reduced after previously going through 9 processes, now it only requires 6 processes.

Centralized and paperless proposals are also an impact that the client’s team really feels because previously proposal data was spread within the company via email making it difficult to track.


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