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Have you done your e-commerce readiness assessment? Now you sell offline, have branches, stocks at retails, and many resellers across countries. You also might have products in marketplaces. You also, many times, thinking whether to have your own e-commerce or not. Whether you are ready to manage your e-commerce.

Do your team find it hard to manage your stocks through online shops and marketplaces? With shops that are not directly managed by the internal team, it could be hard to handle the operation, see the stocks, analyze which campaign works best, gather insight from customers, and so on. Your own e-commerce is making the team easier to handle things; from stocks to promotion to engagement, and also easier to be operated. Therefore, your company’s e-commerce can bring even more revenue.

Why do you need to do e-commerce readiness assessment? This will be one of the steps to unlock if your company is ready to have your own e-commerce.

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