Guide to Successful Cloud or Server Migration

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How to do server migration to Google Cloud? Public cloud is now an important value in enterprise IT. However, migrating there is a challenge for some company businesses. In fact, according to Dimensional Research, nearly two-thirds of the migration projects people undertake either prove difficult or fail, and more than half go over budget.

So, how do you perform a successful cloud or server migration, too, cost-effectively? Find out the guidelines in the following e-book. This e-book from Google Cloud contains important things, including:

  • Critical things that need to be considered so that cloud migration runs smoothly
  • Questions to help you understand the existing environment.
  • Tips for maximizing ROI from this process
  • Examples of successful migrations from companies like Twitter, Evernote, and Etsy

In this e-book about server migration to Google Cloud, you can also find out about Google Cloud’s goals in terms of providing cloud migration services for enterprise class. This migration will enable workloads to run in the cloud quickly, while also minimizing risk, eliminating manual work, and saving costs. With this approach, your business can reach its goals up to 10 times faster.

Please download the e-book by filling in the form below. After studying it and being ready to plan the migration process,, Google Cloud Partner Indonesia and a cloud service provider in Indonesia, is ready to help you.

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