Google Cloud as Leader in Database Management Systems (Gartner Awards)

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    Our partner, Google Cloud, is positioned as Leader in Gartner’s Cloud Database Management Systems or DBMS Magic Quadrant. In Gartner’s report, it evaluated Google Cloud’s full suite of its DBMS capabilities in operational and analytical. It was including products like BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Dataproc, Firestore, Bigtable, and Cloud Spanner.

    In this report, Gartner also acknowledges Google Cloud with its enterprise focus and partner-friendly ecosystem. It also recognizes Google Cloud as the first hyperscale CSP that actually delivers on its promise of multi-cloud.

    You can download Gartner Cloud DBMS Magic Quadrant report for free by filling the form below.

    And then, if you have any questions about cloud database management systems, please reach out to us.