Planning Milk Company’s Employees Visit Made Easier With PRIME

Giving an updated information of your company’s latest product can be a time consuming task especially when you have to share the information with people scattered all around Indonesia.

One of our clients is engaged in the health sector where they are regularly required to visit doctors and midwives to provide the latest updates about their company’s products and also dig up information regarding the sales of their products.

In the process of carrying out this visit, planning the date of the visit and also determining the location of the visit are important so that no doctors and midwives are missed. When a visit is carried out, data on the results of the visit also need to be recorded neatly so that it can be reviewed easily.

Because of these things that are needed, a field force application existed which is used to plan and manage visits and also to record results data.

Not only that, with this application users can easily disseminate the latest information or modules to doctors and midwives with the help of third party channels such as Whatsapp. So if the time and location of doctors and midwives are difficult to reach, they can still get the latest information.

This application may not seem like a crucial thing, but in reality this application has succeeded in facilitating the client’s work in reaching, contacting, educating, and recording the results of visits more quickly and efficiently.

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