Promotion Validation System for Consumer Goods Products

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About the Client

Client Industry: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Project Year: 2022

Project Location: Indonesia

GITS.ID Service Used for This Project: Promotion Validation System, Web Development

This project for one of the largest dairy companies in Indonesia that produces nutritious milk for children and families since years ago.

They produce various dairy products that are distributed throughout Indonesia such as condensed milk, liquid and powder milk ranging for all ages to pregnant women and toddlers.

They have received many distinguished achievements for their contribution to the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Problems That Arise and Needed to be Solved

Giving promotions is a natural thing in running a business. The client is no exception, they provide various promotions for the products they sell. The large variety of products they offer is followed by various promotions where these promotions run for different periods.

In addition, the distribution of their products throughout Indonesia allows for differences in the number of promotions which must be monitored easily and quickly.

This is where the problem arises because they need tracking platform features that can help the process of submitting promotions, promotion reviews, to promotion approval quickly and in accordance with existing regulations.

How Did We Helped

With that objective, we develop three processes that will be added to the web promotion validation, namely Create Promotion Plan, Standardization Validation, Promotion Plan Filtering.

  • Create Promotion Plan

The Brand Manager has a plan to run promotions on certain products. They submit promotion proposals through the features provided and these submissions will be reviewed by the next party.

  • Standardization Validation

After the promotion proposal from the Brand Manager is received by the Account Manager, the promotion will be reviewed first whether it is in accordance with the applicable standards. The Account Manager then determines the promotion timeline, sets the start and end date of the promotion that has been proposed.

If all processes have been reviewed, then the promotion proposal will be forwarded to another party. During the submission and review process, the parties involved will receive notifications regarding the progress of the promotion submission process.

  • Promotion Plan Filtering

Promotion submissions that have been reviewed by the Account Manager will then be processed by the Customer Collaboration Director. At this stage, they have the authority to approve, reject, or propose improvements to the proposed promotion.

If the proposed promotion is approved, a notification will be given to the party concerned and this promo application can be exported by all users in an excel template format.

In this promotion system, not only Brand Manager can submit promotions, but Account Manager and Customer Collaboration Director can also do the same thing.

Impacts Received by the Users in Client’s Company

With the help of the promotional validation system, our client can easily track their ongoing and upcoming promotions across all areas. This can also help to avoid data redundancy risk as well as to prevent duplicated promotions.


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