Project Management Design Ops is a New Role to Have!

Design Ops is a New Role to Have!

So, I went to Quix Talk event that talked about UX roles and Design Ops. One of the topics that I got interested on was about Design Ops because I have never heard of it before. The speaker who brought the topic was Amri, a UX Designer in Telkom Indonesia, Design Ops, also a design system lead. The primary goal of Design Ops is to establish a highly efficient design process that generates high quality design outputs. Design Ops create benefits for all people who are involved in the design process, not necessarily just the designers.

Why There Must be Design Ops?

  1. Design Ops Helps Design Team Scale

The rise of agile development then required much tighter integration between design and technology, while recent investment in design has highlighted the need to figure out how to deliver design at scale. Just like Dev Ops, Design Ops have things like source control, commit, branch, pull, push, and more. It will help design team to manage source that they have.

2. Build an Effective Design Team

In design team, the problem could be large company and large team, many product variants, multiple platforms, and the differences of design reference between each individual.

Design Ops is essential on reducing operational inefficiencies in the design workflow through process and technological advancements. In short, it is about getting design improvements in the hands of your users as quickly and with little friction as possible.

3. Have Some Type of Collaboration

There are two types of collaboration which are open and closed. Open collaboration allows everyone to take part on it. Anyone can publish the problem and can contribute too, like Stack Overflow. The second is closed collaboration. In this kind of collaboration, participants are chosen by a group leader. It can be used for example in internal company collaborations.

4. Have a Roadmap

Design Ops will direct the team on how to reach their goal, where the team will go, who wants to lead and strive for goals, and what each of them will do to reach the goal. Design Ops makes it easier for design team to achieve their goals.

5. There is an UI Audit

Source: Slide Quix Talk #1

UI audit involves list of UI checkup, duplication, naming, problem of style, also plan for improvements. This can avoid duplicate components and we can reuse existing components, so it will cut work time and make it more efficient. Another point is that naming component in each design team is different because they have their own standards. Audit naming will make the standard consistent.

So, after reading this article, we know that Design Ops role is quite important because they can manage design team to be more effective. Thank you guys for reading this article. Hopefully it can be useful.

Faza Kamilah is a front-end developer at GITS Indonesia. She likes to learn new things and go to new places.


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