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Design Ops is a New Role to Have!

So, I went to Quix Talk event that talked about UX roles and Design Ops. One of the topics that I got interested on was about Design Ops because I have never heard of it before. The speaker who brought the topic was Amri, a UX Designer in Telkom Indonesia, Design Ops, also a design

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“Chit Chat” bersama GDE UI/UX, Borrys Hasian

Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya diberikan kesempatan oleh PT GITS Indonesia untuk mengikuti sharing session atau yang sering disebut di kantor kami sebagai Chit Chat. Namun, chit chat kali ini berbeda karena kami mendatangkan seorang expert yang dikenalkan oleh pak Chairman (mas Ibnu Sina Wardy), yaitu kang Borrys Hasian. Kalian pasti tahu dengan kang Borrys Hasian ini, dong. Dia adalah salah satu Google Developer

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Why Agile and How to be Good at It As UX Designer

Having worked on various agile projects for clients in different industries from Commerce, Internal Corporate system, to Fintech and Dropship industry, I’m writing this article to share what I learned from these agile projects as a UX designer. Why Agile? When people talk about agile, they all have their own opinions about it. However, not

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The Problem with Adapting Agile Methodology

According to Cambridge dictionary, “agile”, in physical terms means “able to move your body quickly and easily”, in mental terms it means “able to think and understand quickly”, and in management terms “used for describing ways of planning and doing work in which it is understood that making changes as they are needed is an

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