Security for Your Online Workspace

    google workspace security online

    Your data protection is Google’s primary consideration for all its infrastructure, products, and personnel operations.

    Through this file, explore how Google Workspace protects the data of your company and over six millions organizations across the globe.

    Over six millions organizations across the globe trust Google to protect their most valuable asset: their information. Google has strong contractual commitments regarding data ownership, data use, security, transparency, and accountability.

    Google designs Google Workspace to meet the stringent privacy and security standards based on industry best practices. Furthermore, because protecting data is core to Google Workspace, we are able to make investments in security resources and expertise way more than others.

    As Google Cloud Partner, GITS.ID aims to help companies understand more about Google Workspace Security system. Some informations mentioned in the paper are:

    • Google Operational Security which focuses on areas like vulnerability management and malware prevention
    • Data Access and Restrictions for administrative and customer access, along with law enforcement requests and third party suppliers
    • Assets Protection for when email spams, phishing, and malware happen
    • Data Recovery to restore related data.

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