Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies are sure finding ways to make their customers happy. Some of the ways are by making customer experience more simple buying activity and get easier on the process, including plus points that customer can get.

Technology on mobile and Internet of Things have great impact on consumer goods industry. That impact is wide. From manufacturing, marketing, selling, to shipping.

There are some of big trends in Fast-Moved Consumer Goods (FMCG) in 2018 and predicted still on years after we learnt from CPC Strategy.

Consumer Purchases FMCG through Online More than Before

Nowadays, people see buy things online has a lot of advantage. They started to shift from offline-buying style to online. Or started to buy online, if not entirely. Total online buyer are now more and more and the number is keep growing.

Supermarket is on the Edge?

With many brands or companies sell their Fast-Moving Consumer Goods product through online, supermarket “felt like being challenged”. The online store over same day delivery, so the freshness of product will not be different than come to supermarket. Big market like this should be aware and probably try being online too to be in competition.

Omnichannel Future

Omnichannel is when a brand or company has both offline and online store. This tends to make the business more successful rather than just pick one type of store. That is because both sides have their own plus point given. Also, these two type of store can run side by side as support for each other.

Smaller Brands Get Highlight

With online, small brands are also can get their spots. Be part in industry through online makes small brand also can reach their potential customer. Now it depends how the brand use this online plus point. How they reach the market and how they spread their words.

Meal Kits and Subscription Models

There is trend with subscription to an e-commerce brand. People subscribe to a set of term, instead of repeatedly go to supermarket or other else to get their things. This could be from monthly needs or usually-to-be-need like medicine or vitamin, up until fresh meat.

More Mergers and Acquisition

In future years, the merge between one and another Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company is waiting. Seems likely that the big one would acquire the smaller companies. This would be as global retail chains which were popular years ago.

Focus on Authenticity and Brand Values

In this days, with many and many brands in marketplace, it becomes a challenge to stand out from the others from the same type of industry. So, it becomes more important to be authentic and get brand values which make the brand stand tallest than others, in the eyes of potential customers.

Those are the big trends on Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. As in this industry, it is nice to be part of the trend and just make the business better, also be part on make better life for people in general.

Earlier in this article, we have talked about consumer goods industry in digital is an important path that cannot be ignored. But then, how can consumer goods industry grows with digital innovation? What can consumer goods escalate their business through digital?

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