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How to Implement Design Thinking and Discovery and Co-Creation to Develop a Product

When you have a problem and desire to solve it, sometimes it is hard to find the right solution or even know where to start. Discovery and Co-Creation comes up with meaningful ideas by the process that seeks to solve complex problem by approaching from user’s perspective. Turn your idea into tangible, testable products as fast as possible, and provide an opportunity to make change and improvement to idea before spending time and money building the real products.

The design thinking frameworks are on:

  1. Empathize: get to know your users challenges
  2. Define: know what problem exactly needs to be solved
  3. Ideate: get out of the box thinking about the solutions and angles can be discovered
  4. Prototype: create tangible product that users can try out
  5. Test: give a prototype to real users who determine your solution is valid or need improvement.

Design thinking implemented in launching new products and service to market, along with how to leverage these framework to support strategic planning, business analysis, architecture, and agile delivery.

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What is Design Discovery and Co-Creation

You do not have to be a mind-reader when you want to develop a product. But, you should learn a little bit more about Discovery and Co-Creation and how to make it work for your business. When a company co-creates, it brings aboard third-party individuals as advisers. That group could be made up of consumers, vendors, designers, suppliers, marketers, retailers, and assorted experts in your business.

Design Co-Creation (DCC) is also one of the service GITS Indonesia provides to help you collaboratively solve business challenges, create new products, or improve existing ones.

Reasons You Need Discovery & Co-Creation

  • Right Product: It is no longer enough to have a “good product quality”. You need to have the Right Product.
  • Rapid: DCC combines Google Design Sprint and Lean Startup method as the fastest way to find out if your product is worth to build. Do not invest months of time, invest a week.
  • Shorter Life Cycle: Lifetime of a digital product is shrinking. Yahoo, Uber, Path are some example great product might die anytime. Product who thrives is the one that always change and adapt to customer.

Discovery & Co-Creation Process

There are some process in overall Discovery and Co-Creation. Those are:

  1. Define: Identify & Mapping. Together with the team defining the challenge and understand business problems. Then, produce solution ideas mapping based on market or target.
  2. Concept Prototype: Sketch & Prototype. You can discuss and form your ideas into sketch with the all team in an effective way to find best solutions and start prototyping.
  3. Validate: Test with Real Users. Your prototype is usable and testable to your target audience. There might be some glitch but the goal is to make sure that your targeted user love your ideas.

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Outcome from Discovery & Co-Creation

The outcome of Discovery and Co-Creation is a real-user-tested of high-fidelity concept. This concept can be consist of interactive prototype, study and research reports, and recommendation for next steps.

In this article, we have talked about:

  • What is design co-creation
  • Reasons you need design co-creation
  • Design co-creation process
  • Outcome from design co-creation

We believe that Design Discovery and Co-Creation is a fantastic methodology to solve design and business challenges in a uniquely collaborative way. DCC will offer as big help when you want to develop a mobile application. GITS Indonesia is able to do that, both the DCC part; the development itself; or when you just need one of them.

Novita is part of Marketing, while Ansah and Yoga are part of Design team in GITS Indonesia

GITS Indonesia has developed many applications with clients companies, including the Design Co-Creation process. One of the application developed is with Sarihusada (part of Danone). To know more about it, you can access it here.


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