Business How to Design Catchy App for Design Mobile Application Development

How to Design Catchy App for Design Mobile Application Development

To do design mobile application development for a successful app should be done right in many aspects. From the documentation, design, to the coding itself. Before this, we have already talked about how to make a great concept for the new mobile application. How to generate or get the right ideas and what to be our concern when making it. Now, we will talk more to technical side.

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First the mobile application that your company will release has to be catchy by design. So, before mobile application development, what to do on design mobile application development?

Design by Guideline for Mobile Application Development

To help in design for your company design mobile application development, the design should follow its platform guideline. That is important because there are things that the platform prohibited or on the other side; encourage to do so. Each platform has their own guideline to follow; like for Android and iOS.

Polish the Design for Mobile Application Development

The design should good in both appearance and experience for user. You need capable UI and UX designer to do so. Moreover, it is always a best idea to run design thinking process beforehand. GITS Indonesia has design thinking as one service as well or some people more familiar with the other name, which is Discovery & Co-creation (DCC) where the client company; GITS Indonesia team; stakeholder; and targeted user, get together and do this process to find out what should be in the application that should be built. What features to develop to help user’s and how it would look like.

Make It Simple Yet Powerful for Design Mobile Application Development

The design mobile application should be too crowded in appearance and should not give pain in experience. Moreover, the features there should not be too much or overwhelming. You need to make it simple, but still good in appearance and for user experience. You need to make it simple, but the great and powerful features are still there included.

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Branding in It Before Continue Mobile Application Development

Another thing that you could not forget is that it is important to do branding in the application. For example, you can make sure it has great logo application. The logo should be memorable and contains message that user can easily know and relate it.

In relation with designing the application, GITS Indonesia does things to ensure it turns out good, in appearance; user experience; and features. One of the application that we develop is with Jasa Raharja. Find out more here.

Jacqueline is part of Marketing team at GITS.ID.


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