Business How to Have Great Concept for New Mobile Application Development

How to Have Great Concept for New Mobile Application Development

To do great new mobile application development to make successful mobile application needs some things. It is not an instant and short process. In two big sides, there are two things that should be thought and ran carefully. The first one is the idea of the application itself. The second is that the project need to be well-prepared and well-executed.

Let’s talk about the first one in this article. How to get good and right idea for the mobile application that your company should developed? Here are some points to accomplish the future mobile application that to be developed is to have great concept.

Market Research for New Mobile Application Development

Even though your company’s team came with idea that seems great, there are many applications that are already released in the stores. Therefore, you should evaluate the idea firsthand. It includes understands who are the potential users will be. Also, define them. And then, you should make evaluation and learn from other competitive products.

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You need to understands people’s pain. What they are looking for that can help them. You can look up at forums, search the trends, or even use keyword planner. It is a good idea too to spread questionnaires for potential users to understand them more. For this questioning process, you can ask business owners too to get their pain points. You can also take time to observe around and attend meetups so you will understand more what kind of ideas that have people interested on now. Lastly, do not forget to check other competitive applications.

Finalize Great Idea for New Mobile Application Development

Move up from market analysis, you can make finalization of the concept for new mobile application development. But first, you and team have to really know the value of this application and what its unique selling points are.

You should breakdown why people want to use this application? What is the primary user flow of this application? And, what is the Minimum Viable Product of it?

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You and team will then need to decide a catchy name for this mobile application; that is easy to recognize and SEO friendly. Then, decide keywords for this application.

Define Successful Strategy for New Mobile Application Development

To make great mobile application development, some things are should not be rushed. You need to pay attention to details. Your application strategy need to align with your business plan as well. You and team have to decide the goals and future plans from this mobile application. You also need to choose which technology you should use. Although, software houses like GITS Indonesia can help you with that.

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Other than that, your company need to think about resources and costs. Your company might or might not have people who can run the mobile application development project. If you need people to do it, you can contact software houses or IT consultant like GITS Indonesia. Your company needs to define requirements (but it can also be defined together with GITS Indonesia) and then you will be on ease and see the development process alongside.

So, that is how you start from great concept for the next mobile application development:

  • Market Research for New Mobile Application Development
  • Finalize Great Idea for New Mobile Application Development
  • Define Successful Strategy for New Mobile Application Development

How then to run great mobile application development process itself? We will talk about it next. Subscribe below to not miss it.

GITS Indonesia has developed some mobile applications with clients companies. One of them is with Jasa Raharja on JRku. Read more about it here.

Jacqueline is part of Marketing team at GITS.ID.


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