Mobile App Development Make the Most of Your Ramadan with Digital

Make the Most of Your Ramadan with Digital

People is going digital since years ago, it is true. And these digital things become even bigger and more crucial since the pandemic. Businesses are pushed to go in digital transformation helped by mobile developer Indonesia and other developers. Many people predict that after COVID-19 outbreak, digital will be a normal thing in many aspects of our life.


[Why and how to make plan to face digital as normal thing? Read How to be Ready for Post-Pandemic Normal with Digital Transformation]


Some people who are muslims are now doing their fasting in holy month Ramadan. The situation is different than usual Ramadan when at afternoon there were a lot of street markets sold iftar. There were usually many events like break fasting together or spent holy nights at mosque, but now there were recommended to be none.

Now, this Ramadan is filled with many online activities that still try to ensure the good deeds from those activities, even now in kind of different forms. There are online preach, reading Al-Quran together by online, online casual meet, and many more.

In GITS Indonesia, our mobile developers develop a powerful mobile application named Muslimlife. This application that is available both in Google Play Store and Apple Store, filled with many features for muslims.


Ramadan in Digital with Muslimlife

Muslimlife mobile application is started been developed by GITS Indonesia since some years ago. Back then, Muslimlife had different name. Now, come with brand new name, Muslimlife, it is also powered with many new features. Previously, it was focus on schedule to salah (prayer) according the user’s location and direction to qibla for salah. The new mobile application now has even more helpful features for muslims.

Those features are various and to help muslims to be their better selves. Muslimlife provides places for users to do donation, videos to learn Islam more, online “clinic” to check users’ Al-Quran read, and else. Muslimlife becomes one of a great mobile application to use by muslims. Especially in Ramadan, to help on make the most of good deeds.

Muslimlife is developed by GITS Indonesia and put out free in Play Store (for Android users, can download it here) and App Store (for iOS users, can get it here).


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