Business How to be Ready for Post-Pandemic Normal with Digital Transformation

How to be Ready for Post-Pandemic Normal with Digital Transformation

Previously, we have talked about how digital transformation becomes a thing that business has to have it done since this COVID-19 outbreak. When pandemic eases, including in Indonesia, we will face a situation where digital here and there becomes new normal; something that a normal thing to be found in our daily life. Therefore, businesses and companies, nowadays should make a such plan so they will be ready to face that situation when this pandemic is over.

Virtual work reality for (mobile developers and all other divisions) and shifted operating models are faced by businesses and might be would continue that way. Since we will enter a new digital normal, the strategies that we use will need to reflect on this shift. There are some factors that we need to take them as consideration in planning strategy for longer term.


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Financial Plan

Businesses that are not going digital or having digital transformation now, would likely to face difficulties now at this pandemic and after this. It becomes imperative to embrace it and adjust to it. Whether a company starts the digital transformation or continue their transformation now, are so important. This then will make company thinks again about the finance allocation matters. They would likely to put more into digital initiations. This plan should be thought for both the short term and long term plan.

To think about when this pandemic is over, people go back to office; students go to school; consumer start to mobilize again, we will face different digital world. In here, we will face consumers expectations. There are some questions that companies should take in mind when making plan. Those questions are like; will there potential for significant surge that follow normalization?. Finance for digital transformation and considering those questions need to be allocated. So, then, company can react appropriately on facing various scenarios next.


Right Tools

After this COVID-19 pandemic, there is a probability that some of employees will remain virtual, working remotely, yet some of them will go back to office day to day. Companies will be faced to question like how they will support them with right tools.

There are may types of right tools that can be used for companies and employees in situation after pandemic later on. This could include internal enterprise application that has more stable access on its network and server, also capacity on having business meeting online, virtual collaboration place, better communication software, and more.


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COVID-19 becomes pandemic which affects globally. This causes a somewhat “new” world, with more digital here and there. Companies or other businesses are doing digital transformation which is hard if to be avoided. Business leaders are now have to make right decisions that will help to ensure their businesses to be positioned well when this pandemic passes.



GITS Indonesia has worked together with several companies on their digital transformations. One of the example is with Jasa Raharja when develop mobile application for the public users across Indonesia. More about it can be read here.





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