9 Types of Apps to Maximized You on Working from Home, whether You Are Mobile Developer or Else

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  • 9 Types of Apps to Maximized You on Working from Home, whether You Are Mobile Developer or Else
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In COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are pushed to send home their workers, including mobile developer in Indonesia, and enable working from home day by day. This means, that mobile application development works are done remotely. Also, in almost other industries as well. But the thing is, in their daily normal basis, remote working was something that company gave hard thoughts on. It is not really depended on what type of company that you are in, what kind of industry you are; you might be in consumer goods whose one of its problem is ensure brand awareness; or you might be in other kind of enterprises.

Despite those hard thoughts on remote working, the circumstance now forces many companies, including mobile development company Indonesia, to do so. The question then, how much the companies are ready for this? How much the people, mobile developers and else, are ready to work from home?

The first thing is about mindset. There are companies that running their actual day to day work from home, where all of their employees really do remote working, such as WordPress’ company. One of the reason this IT company on blog can do it is because their employees mindset. They are ready to be productive from wherever they are working.

The next thing after mindset is application. Whether mobile applications or desktop softwares, we need tools to help us communicate and collaborate with our team. But then, what types or what areas should those applications covering?

Here are those things. If these applications are used optimally plus the people have good mindset on doing their remote working, the so “trend” Work from Home or WFH should be done flawlessly and no less productive.


Attendance Application

HR management is indeed play an important role in a company, like other departments. When people came to office, they do attendance whether using finger prints, tapping their cards, or application that enables them to “sign” themselves in automatically. GITS Indonesia has been developed some mobile applications for attendance. The example is for Kereta Api Indonesia.

Communication Application

Work far from our team requires each of us to make sure our communications run smoothly without delay or misunderstanding. Therefore, we need to use communication application like Slack or Mattermost. We also need to check our emails, probably using Gmail. For further communication like conference call, we can use Google Hangout, Zoom, or other applications.

Project Management

Even though people are working remotely, the projects have to be managed in its maximized way. That is why a project management tool is needed. GITS Indonesia has developed a project management tool for internal company. This tool makes down-lining the tasks of projects can be done easily. With this tool, seeing the tasks for mobile developers and else and checking them out when they are done, are easy. The product owner or someone else who made the task can easily check his team progress too.

File Sharing Place

In collaboration, we also need a place where people who need things can access those things quickly. Also, people who are not eligible to certain files, should not be able to access them. One of the most usual file sharing place is Google Drive. Provided by Google and linked to Google Mail. But, it is a simple drive. If you need something more, like other rules or features, put to the file sharing place, you might want to consider another “drive” that matches what your company needs. If that is the case, GITS Indonesia is gladly to share to you that we have developed this kind of enterprise application. One of its feature is as a file sharing place where people can be granted for access to put files and some other people can also be granted to access those files.


As developers, whether mobile developers or website developers or others, have repository to put our codes is necessary. Repository is also a good place for us to collaborate with our team. There are repositories out there, such as GitHub and GitLab. Repository is one of the thing that should be there in mobile application developments or other developments.

Remote Desktop

Sometimes, pairing coding between developers or an intense communication between quality assurance team and developer is needed. While working not side by side, remote desktop tools can be really helpful. With these tools, we can access another computer from our computer or our phone or tablet. The examples are Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer.

Collaboration Board

On discussion with team, there is another tool to help, which is a kind of whiteboard. People can write and draw there and in real time so other people at the team can see it. For board tools, the examples are Jamboard or Miro.

Virtual Private Network

When a server of a project runs in network of company, when developers and else access it from outside company’s network, they need a virtual private network or usually called VPN. One of the most used of VPN is OpenVPN.

Boost Productivity

Other than those tools, it would be nice to run tools that can keep us on track while we are working. Kind of tools that can be help on this are tools that keep us focus and boost our productivity in time. We can try to use Focus and Time Keeper application.


So, those are some types of applications that people, not just mobile developers Indonesia, need to make the most of their working from home. At the beginning of our article, we talked about WordPress’ company. WordPress has their own “blog” for their people to work together, with many unique features, so their employees can collaborate easily. If you need a specialized enterprise application which will help your company on make your employees do their best, GITS Indonesia can help you develop that application. As earlier talk, we have developed HR management mobile application, tracking work progress website, drive for the files, and more.

For more talk about one of the enterprise application we have made, which is for Toyota, you can access it here.

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