What is the price if I want to make an app like Go-Jek?

What is the price of an app like Tokopedia?

GITS Indonesia got plenty questions like those and probably that are what you are curious about too.

Usually, we would ask, what are the descriptions of that app that you have in mind. That is because you probably do not need all those features, or you even need more features. So, what are things you should know before you are ready to build your app with GITS Indonesia, as software agency with you? And, what are things to prepare when you are going to build the app with us?

When you have a project with us, we will accommodate you with a product owner whom you can discuss your scope of app with. They are as a consultant for you. We also have great developers in wide range of technology. We have our front-end developer, back-end, and mobile handler in Android and iOS based. Also, there are people in quality assurance who assure what we deliver to you is in clean state.

What are things that got included in the price?

Basically, the cost is from the great developers’ services. The cost is counted based on the estimation of working hours that are needed by each developer. Your app scope and features that you need are having leverage on that working hours. But, since we also provide you with great service from product owner and quality assurance, it got included in that price as well.

So, at first, you and GITS Indonesia’s team, need to have agreement on what are the features you need and will be built and in how long. Before flooring the features, you have to decide which platform(s) you and/or your consumer need. Is it as website, portal, dashboard, or for content management service? Is it as mobile application? In Android or iOS based?

In term of project and the development, you need to decide too which term you choose; sprint based or project based? Sprint based is that the features are being developed per sprint. The payment term is at the end of every two sprints. Which one sprint is around two weeks.

On the other hand, project based is having a project as whole. The first payment is by down payment. Then, the payments are as per milestones that are already being talked before. One milestone can consist set of features.

That is practically what you need to prepare to start our project together.

Still have questions?

You probably have question about what will happen when the app is finished? After the application or website is done, we can do maintenance part for around three months or as it is stated in the beginning.

Still curious for the first question?

Anyway, how much it will cost you to make application like Go-Jek, Traveloka, or Tokopedia? Looking for the features, technology, and resource, that kind of project is starting from 500 million rupiahs. Of course, we can talk further about it since you may need different features, either there are more or less.

Do you have more questions or are you getting more excited to have project with GITS Indonesia? Contact us through [email protected]