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How to Implement Design Thinking and Co-Creation to Develop a Product

When you have a problem and desire to solve it, sometimes it is hard to find the right solution or even know where to start. Design thinking comes up with meaningful ideas by the process that seeks to solve complex problem by approaching from user’s perspective. Turn your idea into tangible, testable products as fast

5 Things You Need on Mobile Healthcare or Medical Application Development

How to develop mobile healthcare or medical application? There are some articles that talked about how to do it.   Steelkiwi Need to know current lack on mobile healthcare for next application development Steelkiwi gives steps to develop a medical application. The first thing it mentioned is to know what the lack from medical applications

Minimum Viable Product dalam Pengembangan Aplikasi Mobile; Seperti Apa?

Di Pengembangan Aplikasi Mobile, Apa Sebenarnya Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? Pengembangan aplikasi mobile di startup atau perusahaan dari sebuah ide hingga bisa dikembangkan tentunya perlu dipikirkan proses pengembangan aplikasinya dan peluncuran Minimum Viable Product atau MVP. Namun, apakah Anda yakin MVP yang diluncurkan selalu layak dan memiliki nilai bagi pelanggan? Banyak yang salah mengartikan MVP

What Brands Should Do for Ramadan in COVID-19

We have talked about data from Google about people's searches in Ramadan 2019. Furthermore, insight from it to help on build campaign, especially in video advertisement. Those are important from brand managers, digital marketing people, and people in advertisement, to keep in mind since now is also COVID-19 pandemic situation.   [What the Data of

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Things You Really Have to Know about Enterprise Application Development

Developing a mobile enterprise application is not simply coming up based on the so called digital transformation. The investment is large, considering both time and budget, so it must be well thought of. Unprepared mobile enterprise application development stage can result in bigger cost than it should, also stress and harm the company. You have

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Make the Most of Your Ramadan with Digital

People is going digital since years ago, it is true. And these digital things become even bigger and more crucial since the pandemic. Businesses are pushed to go in digital transformation helped by mobile developer Indonesia and other developers. Many people predict that after COVID-19 outbreak, digital will be a normal thing in many aspects

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