What Brands Should Do for Ramadan in COVID-19

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We have talked about data from Google about people’s searches in Ramadan 2019. Furthermore, insight from it to help on build campaign, especially in video advertisement. Those are important from brand managers, digital marketing people, and people in advertisement, to keep in mind since now is also COVID-19 pandemic situation.

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In holy month Ramadan, people have different behaviors than their usual daily. Their consumption acts are also different. And now, those differences are even more because the pandemic. Brands are facing hard times to reach their people in target, if not do the things in right ways. Here are some of the things that brands should do.

Brands Should Work from Inside Out for Ramadan in COVID-19

Since this Ramadan is different than how it went usually in previous years, brands could not just straight up using their campaigns in 2019. Brand manager, people in digital marketing, and in advertisements, in making new campagins, can talk to coworkers to get to know the pain or problem that they are facing. Their experiences in their own fields can help on giving thoughts on how brands should act in this Ramadan in COVID-19.

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Brands Should Become Members of Communities  for Ramadan in COVID-19

With people should be at home, no prayer activity in mosque, no suhoor and iftar together, brands face another difficulties on reaching people. But, this is also a new opening for brands. Brands can work together with communities and do those activitites thorugh online, such as Open Iftar. Virtual projects like this can be used by brands to reach people.

Brands Should Get People Talk for Ramadan in COVID-19

Brands can make campaigns that speak about muslims and the positivity. If the content resonates dearly to muslims, most likely they would spread the words.

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In this Ramadan with Corona virus around, brands should adapt quickly and take great ways. If done right, many new and loyal consumers await.

By pandemic, digital transformations are needed for companies. GITS Indonesia has helped many corporates doing digital through mobile application and website development. One of them is Sarihusada (part of Danone). Read more about the eNutri application here.

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