Developer Stories Women in Technology; Let’s Look from Kartini, Entrepreneur, to Mobile Developer

Women in Technology; Let’s Look from Kartini, Entrepreneur, to Mobile Developer

Women in technology have a history of being exceptional. As from history in Indonesia, every April 21st is a day to celebrate “Hari Kartini” as symbol of woman’s emancipation and gender equality movement in, from an inspiring Javanese woman, Raden Ajeng Kartini.

Being a modern-day Kartini is not simply dressing up in beautiful kebaya and matching batik. You also need to have spirit to see whether todays’s norms and social conditions should to be challenged to be improved on.


Women Entrepreneurs in Technology in Indonesia

In technology field, women are heading up and managing complexities of technology industry as they do in other industries.

There are hard-working women who are not only natural-born leaders, they are also initiating a startup. Some of them are Alamanda Santika; a founder of Binar Academy; Indonesia’s technology ecosystem through non-formal education, Aulia Halimatussadiah; co-founder and CTO of self-publishing platform Nulisbuku, Shinta Nurfaizah; CEO of Lemonilo; e-commerce that provides a healthy and natural food ingredients, and Nabilah Alsagoff; a co-founder of the payment gateway Doku. They are some of the female tech star entrepreneurs in Indonesia.


Women Developers Indonesia

Not only in Indonesia, but actually also across the globe, women who work as developers; mobile developers; website developers; or else, usually are less than men numbers in that company. It happens since the college, to the work, and including GITS Indonesia as well. We have some women developers with us and they are no less awesome than our men developers. Our women developers are as mobile developer; Android and iOS developer, and website developer; front-end and back-end developer. Other than developers, we also have women in quality assurance division and women as UI/UX designer.



It is true that for some, the success of women can be a form of motivation. Women inspire each other to reach the goal. All of women can have something wonderful and what women want to achieve. Therefore, there is positiveness between each other instead of comparing each self to another. There will always be qualities that will make you special. Each woman is unique in her own way.


Novita Dewi is part of GITS Indonesia in Marketing & Communication.



As we mentioned earlier, besides women developers, GITS Indonesia also has women in quality assurance division. One of the project that its quality is handled by woman, is our project with Jasa Raharja on JRku mobile application. Find out more about it here.


Mulai Transformasi Digital Perusahaan Anda lewat Mobile App, Website, dan Cloud Sekarang


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