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Developing a mobile enterprise application is not simply coming up based on the so called digital transformation. The investment is large, considering both time and budget, so it must be well thought of. Unprepared mobile enterprise application development stage can result in bigger cost than it should, also stress and harm the company. You have to make the development process fundamentally easier and on the other side give lots of advantage. Here are some of notes you have to prepare.


Know the Goal of Mobile Enterprise Application

Having a clear vision to achieve the goal is the key factor in accomplishing mobile enterprise application development. It is a good idea to step back and review what are exactly you need to achieve from the application. Understand many benefits of this application is the best way to approach this.


Benefit of Mobile Enterprise Application

Benefit of mobile enterprise application in reduce time and money expenses

Enterprises are always looking for solution to reduce time and money expenses. One way to achieve this goal is to integrate enterprise mobile application development. This kind of application is efficient in the workplace (including in work from home situation) and cutting down cost spent on company devices.

Benefit of mobile enterprise application in keep track of all projects and events

Many enterprise-level businesses use mobile application to help employees and clients keep track of all projects and events.

Benefit of mobile enterprise application in to ease daily workforce

Mobile enterprise application can increase mobile workforce or customer based to access the company’s service. It is possible to create an enterprise mobile application for internal purposes such as optimizing company workflows. Mobile solutions can duplicate the main services that employees use on their PCs, or they can be genuine solutions to current work problems.

Benefit of mobile enterprise application in makes efficiency

Enterprise usually implement strict schedules and manage many tasks at the same time. This application enables people to work efficiently outside the office. This application can indirectly affect sales, put company at high point in competitiveness, communication, negotiation efficiency, and more.

Benefit of mobile enterprise application in improve company business process

Companies can improve their business processes. Such applications offer some serious advantages over your competition because they can speed up the work process and thus generate more revenue for the company


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Aspect to Consider in Mobile Enterprise Application Development

Consider integration with useful software for mobile enterprise application

The practical benefit of an enterprise application is free access to the required features. For example, mobile developers can offer application integration with 1C, SAP, Oracle, and so on.

Consider security issues for mobile enterprise application

After deciding to create an enterprise application, you need to pay attention to important issues such as storing, transferring, and using company information. Employees will install enterprise mobile applications on personal smartphones, so that personal and company data is stored on one device. Simple passwords cannot be used because they can jeopardize the security and financial stability of the company.

Consider administration and control for mobile enterprise application development

Some people are mistaken in thinking that after the development of the application, everything is done and no longer need IT specialist side. After-development of mobile enterprise applications requires attention as well. Training, administration, corporate IT policies–all are important matters here.

Consider agile development strategy for mobile enterprise application development

This methodology is an extension of iterative and gradual software development. The agile approach is very suitable for the development of mobile enterprise applications because it determines the design, development, and testing methods of the system during the entire software life cycle. This development strategy makes it possible to return to the previous development phase, improve things, then continue the development process. So, in building an enterprise mobile application, it would be better to implement the Agile strategy. In addition, because of this method, you will be able to get the first MVP version of the application to test it.

Consider MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) for mobile enterprise application development

The Mobile Enterprise Application Platform tends to simplify the process of developing enterprise software for employees who use a variety of mobile devices. The main uniqueness of the MEAP platform is its cross-platform features. For example, after creating applications based on this platform, it is possible to develop applications for any mobile device with various operating systems without changes in business logic.


Mobile Technology for Mobile Enterprise Application

Based on GITS Indonesia’s experience, many of the companies that carry out digital transformation use hybrid technology. Why use hybrid? Simply put, it is to reduce cost development and make fast delivery.


Digital Transformation in Mobile Enterprise Application

The company leaders would agree that COVID-19 effect could not be denied. And, digital transformation due to COVID-19 been on talk about whether it will bring good things. Indeed, the future of the traditional or digital future of the company will definitely do this transformation.


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Developer Team for Mobile Enterprise Application

You should find competent developer team to simplify the development process. GITS Indonesia as a team of professional developers who helped many clients from companies to create a mobile enterprise applications such as Jasa Raharja, Kereta Api Indonesia, Toyota, and others.


Sudaryatno is CTO of GITS Indonesia.

Ade Gunawan is one of the Product Owner in GITS Indonesia.

Novita Dewi is part of GITS Indonesia in Marketing & Communication.

To know more about one of the mobile enterprise application that GITS Indonesia has developed, that is JRku – Jasa Raharja, you can access it here.


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