Business What Jasa Raharja Says About Having A Mobile Application Development with Us

What Jasa Raharja Says About Having A Mobile Application Development with Us

Jasa Raharja is one of GITS Indonesia’s client. We help them with mobile application development by our mobile developer (Android developer and iOS developer), also with other divisions from GITS Indonesia. We help them doing their digital transformation, through a mobile application that centralized their data and built with many features to help users from across Indonesia.

We had a chance to have chit chat with Jasa Raharja, talked about their experience with us since our first encountered for JRku mobile application.

JRku is a mobile application that is used by public users around Indonesia. It helps people to have transaction according their tuitions only through their pockets and no need to come to Jasa Raharja’s office. These features also help Jasa Raharja’s employees so they can work faster with centralized data.

They said that working together with GITS Indonesia gives them more creative ideas for their project. Jasa Raharja’s testimonial is also about liking us that we tell and train them for new technologies, so it is being their knowledge additions and useful in the future.

In a term of our employees, such as mobile developer; Android developer and iOS developer, also other team divisions, Jasa Raharja stated that we are helpful. We are also easy to be reached during the project development process and our response is fast.

With a satisfy feeling with our collaboration together so far, Jasa Raharja would like to recommend us to their company partners, their subsidiary company, and also their parent company.

Last but not least, Jasa Raharja hopes our partnership continues since higher up levels in internal Jasa Raharja also care about the mobile application, JRku. And, they still want to collaborate through JRku, to continue to develop more things to the mobile application with our mobile developer and other divisions.



To know more what is in JRku, why at the first moment Jasa Raharja needs to have a mobile application, and what good things that that application brings them, find out here.



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