Successful app can be gotten by do right in mobile application development. Do right in here means in many aspects about that mobile application. We have talked about how to get right idea of what mobile application should be developed (can be read here). After that, we also have talked about how to design a catchy application. Now, will talk in even more technically on crucial things to your company to take notice on to do successful mobile application development.


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Focus to the Core Functionality in Mobile Application Development

Make sure to focus first on core functionalities or core features. The product should focus on solving main problems that are already decided in earlier stages before technical development starts. This core functionality is important to be available at first product version. The other name for it is Minimum Viable Product or MVP.

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Make It Simple Intuitive for Mobile Application Development

This mobile application should be developed in ways that make users can easily use it. Despite its powerful features, it should be simple enough and highly intuitive. So, it would not require much effort and time of users when adapt to or using it.


Security for Mobile Application

When developing application, ensuring security of data is important. Keep user’s information safe and encrypted is a must.


Personalized Interaction on Mobile Application Development

People like customizable things that fulfill their needs. You can make push notification based on user’s interest or from their activities. On the other point, have an in-app messaging is a great thing too, so user can easily interact with your company according the application they are using or else.


Develop Application for All Platforms

People use different phones one from another. It is important to cover all of your targets’ phones. You can add Android and iOS platforms to the development list. You need great Android developers, iOS developers, or cross-platforms developers. More than that, you can make it available in progressive web application as well. To do these, yes, your company needs budget. But it will be worth it once the application is released and used by your target users.


Sustain High Performance in Mobile Application

The application should be in no bugs and in efficient speed. No bugs can be reached by good quality assurance process by good quality assurance team. Efficient in speed can be reached with more thoughts when developing.


Well, those are crucial things for you and your company to keep noted when want to build successful mobile application.

If you need some helps, GITS Indonesia are so excited for it.

We have great people to help you find out what problem you should solve, what the application should be like, what are the core features or its Minimum Viable Product, we also have creative design teams and amazing developers to do development, and reliable quality assurance team.


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